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What are the benefits of Pod Vapes?

Having trouble deciding what vape kit is right for you? Read our guide to ultra-portable POD vape systems to see if this new vaping innovation is right for you.

We’ve seen a massive rise in the demand for compact pod vape systems this year. In this guide, we explore the pros and cons of pod vapes to help you decide if they’re right for you.

Choosing pod vapes to quit smoking

Any smoker that turns to vaping in the hope that they will successfully quit smoking is taking a leap of faith. Sure, the stats show that vaping is the leading way to quit smoking for good. But, most smokers will already have a string of failed quit attempts behind them before they give vaping a go.

These stats also tell us something interesting about smokers who have tried vaping, but gone back to smoking. Some report that they didn’t get the same satisfaction from vaping. Others say that vaping is way too complicated.

Both of these are legitimate hurdles that need to be overcome. Opting for a cheap vape pen is common for new vapers who just want to give it a try. However, it is likely to lead to a lack of satisfaction from the delivery of flavour and nicotine. Plus the poor build quality will lead to issues with leakage and longevity. On the other hand, shelling out on top quality kit may lead to beginner vapers becoming overwhelmed with the new steps they need to take just to satisfy a nicotine craving.

In order for vaping to offer a real alternative, it’s important to select the correct kit.

The solution to these known hurdles may well be Pod vape systems. We think they offer the perfect solution for beginner vapers to help ease them into the world of vaping.

What are POD vape kits?

Also known as ultra-portables, e-cig pods, pod mods, or compacts, Pod kits provide the perfect middle ground between the entry level vape pen and the complex variable wattage box mod.

The pods come equipped with cartridges that are ready built with the coil, wick and e-liquid in place, allowing you to plug and go.

Of course, there are always pros and cons to anything. We’ve outlined them here so you can make an informed choice about whether pod vapes might help you quit smoking for good.

Pros to pod vape kits

Pod kits deliver more nicotine

In standard vape kit, flavour delivery is best when using a sub-ohm tank with a high VG e-liquid. However, sub-ohm tanks are not recommended for use with vape juice containing more than 6mg of nicotine - which often is not high enough when you first quit smoking.

Pod vapes were developed using nicotine salt e-liquids which can deliver a much higher concentration of nicotine without compromising flavour.

Vape pod kits are ridiculously convenient

The cartridges are like tiny bottles of high quality e-liquid that just pop into the compact device. You can carry multiple flavours around with you and switch them around whenever you feel like a change, without worrying about flavour mixing.

Pod kits don’t leak

Seasoned vapers have all experienced the dreaded leaky tank in their vaping lifetimes. With pod vape systems, however, this issue is a thing of the past. Since Vape pods are pre-built, there is no chance of you pulling it out of your pocket to find that the vape juice has leaked all over you.

Pod kits better replicate smoking

Many pod vape systems are activated by your breath, rather than pressing a button. Like the nicotine inhalers of yesteryear (but miles better) this action provides a more authentic smoking experience for recent smoking converts.

Pod kits can be sub-ohm

Despite their small stature, some pod vape cartridges come with a sub-ohm coil which allows you to vape higher VG liquids, delivering more delicious flavour per puff. This is a massive leap in technology from the cheap vape pens which only take +1.0 ohm coils.

Cons to pod kits

Pod kits don’t last long

If you’re looking for longevity, box mods will beat other vaping devices, hands down. An average vaper will get a couple of days from a single charge of a mod cell. Compare that to a Pod Mod where you’ll get around three hours of use from a fully charged unit.

If you’re planning to use a pod system exclusively, you might want to consider carrying round a spare on a night out.

Pod kits take less e-liquid

Since the introduction of the TPD regulations in May 2016, UK vapers have had to get used to being restricted to 2 ml tank capacity (with tank extensions as an optional extra). While many of the latest pod vape systems can also take 2 ml of vape juice, the smallest versions contain 1 ml or less.

Overall, ultra-portable pod vapes offer a fantastic solution for beginner vapers, and vaping veterans alike. Whether you’re looking for something discreet when out and about, or wanting a reliable option to help you quit the cigs for good, POD systems could be just the thing for you.

We are constantly expanding our product range to make sure that everyone who wants to quit smoking for good has the best possible chance. If you want to chat about the best solution for your particular needs, get in touch. We’re always happy to help!