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Aspire Athos 2ml Tank
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What is a vape tank?

A vape tank, otherwise known as an ‘atomiser’, is the section of the vape or mod that holds the e-liquid and the coil that heats up to vaporise the liquid within the wick/cotton. Though we see a lot of hype around the latest vape mods, it is in fact the vape tank that has the biggest effect on the quality of vaping. 

Vape tanks in the UK come in a wide variety of designs and sizes, with varying uses, and compatibilities. This variety offers flexibility and customisation, helping you to find your perfect vape tank, from larger vape tanks to specialised sub-ohm vape tanks.

When it comes to e-liquid capacity, most, if not all, tanks are 2ml in size due to regulations.

Most vape tanks come with a connector called a ‘threading peg’ or a ‘510 connection’ at the bottom of the tank which screws the tank firmly on top of the battery, allowing the charge to flow between them both. Many vape brands are compatible with one size of connector, allowing for a multitude of combinations between vape tanks and vapes or mods.

There are a number of additional components that make up most vape tanks:

  • Glass Cylinder - This is where the e-liquid is stored.
  • Drip Tip - This is the mouth piece which can be modified on most vape tanks, allowing you to select your preferred size.
  • Top Cap and Chimney - This is the section between the glass cylinder and drip tip that is often opened to refill the e-liquid within the cylinder.
  • Base Connector - This is the section under the glass cylinder that connects the vape tank to the battery and, in some vape tanks, comprises of small air vents.
  • Vape Coil - This is the thin wire coil that heats up to vaporise the e-liquid, and is often replaceable with different coils providing different vaping experiences.

How does a vape tank work?

Understanding how a vape tank works helps when deciding what kind of vaping experience you want.

  1. Once the tank has been loaded with e-liquid, and the cotton wick has been saturated (make sure to check that the visible areas of the wick look wet, and wait at least 10 minutes after installing a new coil before using it). When you begin inhaling, or press the firing button, the battery will begin to heat up the coil. 
  2. As the coil heats up, so does the saturated wick, creating vapour that is then inhaled. 
  3. Between each inhale of vapour, the wick re-saturates to provide more e-liquid ready to be heated into more vapour. This stage is referred to as the recovery stage, and is essential to avoid over-heating and the creation of a burnt vape flavour. A key characteristic of the recovery stage is when tiny, visible bubbles are seen rising through the e-liquid from the coil.

What are the different types of vape tanks?

Though vape tanks are available in a wide variety of types and uses, there are six key vape tank types to be aware of.


The sub-ohm name refers to tanks with resistance below 1.0 ohms. This essentially indicates the tank's ability to perform well with higher power outputs and higher firing temperatures producing larger clouds, smoother flavours and a greater lung hit for maximum enjoyment. The only drawback to sub-ohm tank vaping is the cost as, typically, you will need to replace coils more often than with other vape tank types.


Mouth-to-Lung vape tanks, otherwise known as M2L vaping, are ideal for those switching from cigarettes to vaping. This type of vaping tank closely replicates the same sensations you get when smoking a cigarette as the vape is first inhaled into the mouth, and then inhaled into the lungs. 

This variety of vaping tank offers a good tank space for e-liquid, works well with low-powered mods and vape pens, and is great for e-liquids with a high nicotine concentration.


Direct-to-lung vapes, or D2L vape tanks, utilise sub-ohm coils for a smoother direct-to-lung vaping technique, producing impressive clouds with great flavour. Unlike MTL vape tanks, DTL vape tanks are not designed for use with e-liquids that have a high nicotine concentration due to its larger cloud production. It is also recommended for use with a mod that can produce at least 30 watts of power. Learn more about MTL and DTL vaping to help you choose which type of vape tank may be best for you.


An RDA, or Refillable Dripper Atomiser, works quite differently from a regular vape tank, eliminating the need for an e-liquid tank, instead replacing it with a drip tip and base connector. The e-liquid is administered by ‘dripping’ it onto the wick. This style of vape tank is increasing in popularity due to the rise of squonker mods which hold the e-liquid, cutting the need to ‘drip’ the e-liquid yourself.


RTAs, or Rebuildable Tank Atomisers, are almost identical to RDA’s with the addition of the tank to hold a greater amount of e-liquid. Considered a more ‘advanced’ vape tank, RTAs allow for greater customisation, requiring custom-made coils and wicks. Many seasoned vapers prefer this type of vape tank, though it is advised to gain some experience before using an RTA.


RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomiser) is somewhere between an RDA and RTA with the same customisable features, plus a tank to hold extra e-liquid that can see you through a full day of vaping. RDTAs are an excellent choice for their flavour, cloud production and customisable features. Again, it is recommended for use by more experienced vapers.

What are the best vape tanks?

The best vape tanks are often a personal preference based on how they perform, how customisable they are, running costs, as well as flavour and cloud production. With our extensive range of vape tanks from some of the leading and most popular vape brands on the market, we know you’ll find a vape tank to suit your needs. While you’re trying to decide which tank to choose first, here’s what we consider as the best vape tanks.

Best Vape Tanks for Beginners

  • Sub-ohm tanks like our Geek Vape Zeus Tank, offering a practical and easy to use pre-build coil system. 
  • Or, our MTL vape tanks for beginners looking for a similar experience to smoking traditional cigarettes. Try our Aspire Nautilus 2S Tank available in a range of colourful designs with a comfortable and sleek design.

Best Tanks for Practicality

  • Our range of ELeaf Tanks offer ultimate ease-of-use by a brand that has dominated the vaping market for some time. These tanks for vaping are simple and straightforward, with tanks capable of holding a good amount of e-liquid for continuous vaping. These vape tanks are also ideal for MTL vaping.

Best Tanks for Flavour and Clouds

  • Taking top position for flavour and cloud production would be our RDA tanks such as our Vandy Vape Iconic tanks which offer amazing flavours, impressive cloud production and customisable features. 

Best Tanks for Price

  • Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive, big vape tank that can see you through a full day of vaping, or a vape tank that is compatible with high-powered mods, our collection of Aspire vape tanks offers function, experience and great quality, all at great prices.

With such an abundance of choice, customisations, sizes and compatibilities, it can often be tricky to decide which vape tank is right for you, or whether a vape kit may be the best starting point. Our team are always on hand to help you choose a new vape tank, so please contact us today. 

Alternatively, check out our blog for the latest tips, tricks and insights to get the most out of your vaping experience, from tips on how to vape to understanding what Nic salts are.