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Vape safer by following our vape battery safety tips

Our comprehensive guide to vape battery safety will enable you to vape in a safe and responsible way.

For anyone who is new to the world of vaping, practicing vape battery safety should be priority number 1! Responsible vape shops, such as Vape Town, should always ensure that their customers, especially new users, are fully informed about the safest ways to handle their vaping equipment.

Here are some of the key recommendations for practicing proper vape battery safety.

Use the correct charger

The number one cause of problems with electronic cigarettes is using the wrong charger. Only use the charger supplied or recommended by your supplier.

Turn your vape battery off

When not in use, you should turn your battery off. Usually this involves clicking the power button 5 times in quick succession. However, you should check with your supplier or look at the manufacturer’s instructions for how your particular battery powers on and off.

Keep your vape batteries clean

Perform regular checks to ensure your battery and its terminals are free from dirt. A cotton bud can be used to clean your battery and terminals when necessary.

Avoid heat, cold and direct sunlight

The chemicals contained within the battery should never be exposed to extreme temperatures so keep it at room temperature. Don’t leave it exposed in a car and definitely keep it away from fire!

Avoid exposing your vape battery to water

Don’t allow your battery to come into contact with water. If it does get wet, leave it in a ziplock bag with rice for 48 hours.

Damaged vape batteries

Check your battery for damage regularly. Rips or a tear in the wrapper? Do not take the risk - stop using the battery straight away. Check our diagram for more information.


Learn about vape battery safety with this Vape Town guide


Avoid carrying your vape battery with metal

We would always advise that a battery cover or holder is used when transporting batteries to prevent them from touching each other, or other metallic items. 

Don’t overcharge your vape battery 

Check back regularly to see if the charging has finished. Remove the battery from the charger as soon as charging is complete to prevent battery failure. 

Check your vape battery orientation

Always insert your vape battery the correct way to avoid it venting - even if your mod features reverse polarity protection. 

Don’t leave your vape battery unattended

Charge your vape batteries on a hard, fireproof surface, and don’t leave them unattended or to charge overnight. 

Use caution with Lithium cells

Make sure you have enough knowledge of rechargeable Li-Ion batteries in charging, discharging and assembly before use. 

Don’t discharge Lithium cells completely

Unlike nickel based batteries, Li-Ion cells do not need to be discharged all the way to prolong their life. Get into the habit of recharging before the low battery indicator shows on the mod. 

Allow your vape battery to cool down

When you remove Li-Ion cells from your mod, you should let them cool to room temperature before attempting to charge them. 

Lithium cells don’t like trickle chargers

Never use a trickle charger with a Li-Ion battery as the continuous holding of the cell at trickle charge voltage will damage it. 

Don’t put batteries in the bin

When the time comes to replace the battery, ensure that it is disposed of correctly. If you are unsure, you can bring them to one of our Vape Town shops and we will dispose of it responsibly for you. 

Vape battery safety top tip:

If you start to get low battery alerts more frequently, your vape doesn't hit as hard as usual, or it gets warm during use, it may be time to replace the cell. We are happy to check your battery levels so you can be sure that they are past their best before you make the decision to replace.

Always vape responsibly

We are here to help you and we want to be sure that you know how to get the best from your vaping equipment. However, Vape Town cannot be held responsible for damage if there is any modification to the kit we supply, including battery wraps/markings. We are also not responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of Li-Ion batteries and chargers.


Should you have any other queries about the safe and proper way to ensure vape battery safety, please don’t hesitate to contact us.