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If you’ve been in the vaping world for a while now, you may have heard the term sub-ohm being used in your local vape shop or seen it online when ordering a refill on your favourite e-liquid flavour. If this sounds like you, you may be wondering what is sub-ohm vaping and how does it differ from regular vaping. 

Well, no need to wonder any more, we’ve put together this guide to help you out. So, read on to find out everything from what is sub-ohm vaping, to how to sub-ohm vape. 

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What is sub-ohm vaping?

Sub-ohm vaping is called sub-ohm because to vape in this way you need a device that is capable of handling a coil that uses under 1ohm of resistance. 

The resistance level of a coil affects how much current, or electricity, can pass through it and how hot the coil gets. The lower the resistance of a coil, the more electric current will be able to pass through the vape coil. This generates more heat and produces more vapour and flavour.

So, when you vape with a coil under 1 ohm, you allow much more current to pass through the coil,  meaning your vape mod will heat your e-liquid to a higher temperature and therefore produce much more vapour. 

Sub-ohm vaping is all about vapour production and strong flavour experiences. It’s much more intense than regular vaping which is why it’s preferred by more experienced vapers. 

man producing large cloud of vapour from a vapeWhy sub-ohm vape?

If you’re looking to take the next step in your vaping and move on from compact vape pens or basic tank mods, sub-ohm vaping could be for you. Sub-ohm vaping is ideal for people who began vaping as a way to quit smoking but now no longer rely on a hit of nicotine and, instead, vape for the enjoyment of the flavour hit and vapour production. 

Sub-ohm vaping is a step up from regular vaping and so the experience is all the more intense, here are some reasons you might want to try sub-ohm vaping. 

Bigger clouds of vapour

This means you’ll be able to use more power with your mod and the thicker wire means that more surface area is in contact with the e-liquid soaked cotton. 

All of this means that, when you take a hit from your vape, you’ll get a much bigger cloud of vapour produced. 

Because of the bigger vapour cloud production, most people save their sub-ohm vaping for at home or among other vapers to avoid blowing massive clouds of vapour around the office or out in public. 

A more intense, smoother flavour

As sub-ohm vaping heats the e-liquid to a much higher temperature than regular vaping, it requires a thicker e-liquid to be used. 

Vegetable glycerine-liquids, also known as VG e-liquids, are the preferred choice for sub-ohm vaping as they’re thicker and offer a smoother flavour experience. 

Most e-liquids come in a mixture of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol so for sub-ohm vaping it’s best to look out for the e-liquids with the highest vegetable glycerin content. 

There are also some specific pure vegetable glycerin e-liquids that are made specifically for sub-ohm vaping to ensure get the smoothest throat hit and best flavour experience. 

man in hoodie sub-ohm vaping

A deeper lung hit

Regular mouth to lung vaping tends to closer replicate cigarette smoking and is the preferred method for people just starting out vaping as a way to quit smoking. Because the vapour is held in the mouth before it’s inhaled, the hit on the lungs isn’t so intense. 

But, with sub-ohm vaping, where the inhalation is direct to lung, the lung hit is a lot stronger. When you sub-ohm vape you breathe the vapour directly into your lungs which gives a much more intense sensation.

What kit do you need to sub-ohm vape?

If you’re just getting started in the world of sub-ohm vaping, there are some great bits of kit that can help you get going. 

You’ll need a vape kit that has a variable power setting and a battery that can handle the higher power used in sub-ohming. 

We have a huge range of sub-ohm kits that have been specifically designed for sub-ohm vaping that, when used with a compatible sub-ohm tank and sub-ohm coil, offer a brilliant vaping experience. 

man sat on bench sub-ohm vaping

How to sub-ohm vape

So, you’ve got the kit sorted, now for how to sub-ohm vape. 

You need to start your vape mod at the lowest possible power setting. Take a hit and then begin to slowly increase the power each time you take a hit until you get to a level of vapour production that you’re happy with. 

When you take a hit, remember you’re breathing directly into your lungs rather than with a mouth to lung technique, so you want to inhale as you would breathe in regular air.

It’s important that you increase the power gently, bit by bit rather than turning it all the way up to avoid overwhelming your vape mod and causing any damage to your kit.  

If you want to know more about sub-ohm vaping, or if you have any questions about what kit you need to start sub-ohming, get in touch with one of our vaping experts and they’ll be more than happy to help out.