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Aspire FAQ’s

Why is my Aspire Vape Spitting?

This usually is due to flooding the tank with too much Liquid or not allowing the liquid time to soak into the coil. Flooding can also cause less vapour and less airflow, so be careful not to overdo it when adding liquids.

Why does my Aspire vape leak?

If your Aspire vape leaks it is more than likely an error made when filling your tank or you haven’t tightened it enough. If tightening still hasn’t fixed the problem, check our article on tank filling here.

How often should I clean my Aspire tank?

A bare minimum should be every month, but for those who vape on a more regular basis, you should consider cleaning it more frequently. We have a guide to cleaning your tank here.

Why can’t I taste my Vape anymore?

If you haven’t changed your juice flavour in a while, you could have become used to it. Try Vaping a flavourless liquid for a time and see if the flavours return to you. If not, you may be suffering from Vapers Tongue. If this is the case, please read our article here for help.

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