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If you are planning any trips or holidays in the near future, you should know how to take your vapes abroad safely and legally. From the departure gates to the aeroplane and beyond, discover how to take your vapes abroad stress-free in our complete guide.

Here, we’ll answer the following questions:

  1.     Can you take vapes on planes?
  2.     Can you take vapes in hand luggage?
  3.     How to bring your vape through airport security?
  4.   Can you vape at the airport?
  5.     Can you vape on the plane?
  6.   Can you vape abroad?
  7.     How do you look after your vape abroad?

    How to Take Vapes Abroad

    1. Can You Take Vapes on Planes?

    Most airlines flying out of the UK allow you to bring your vape (e-cigarette) on the plane, as long as they are packed correctly. However, we would always advise checking with your airline before you travel. Here are what some of the major airlines have to say:

    •  Virgin Atlantic – Vapes can be brought onto the aircraft in your hand luggage or on your person. They cannot be checked in to the hold. For flights to and from India, e-cigarettes are not permitted.
    • British Airways – Any vaping device must be placed in your hand luggage and carried in the cabin. They are not permitted in your checked luggage.
    • Emirates – E-cigarettes containing batteries must be packed in your hand luggage, not your checked baggage. Vapes should be individually protected to avoid accidental activation.
    • RyanAir – You can take e-cigs on the plane but you cannot use them. They are not permitted in checked baggage.
    • EasyJet – You can carry e-cigarettes and a maximum of two spare batteries in your cabin bag, but not in the hold.
    • Wizz – You can carry e-cigarettes containing batteries in your carry-on baggage only. It is prohibited to pack e-cigarettes in your checked baggage.
    • TUI Airways – Electronic cigarettes can be carried on as hand luggage only. You cannot carry them within your checked luggage.
    • Jet2 – E-cigarettes can be carried in cabin baggage as long as they are individually protected.
    • Qatar – E-cigarettes containing batteries may be carried in your hand luggage.
    • Etihad – E-cigarettes may be carried on board, and are only permitted in your cabin bag. They must not be packed in your checked bag.
      2. Can You Take Vapes in Hand Luggage?
          Yes, you can take your vape in your hand luggage. In fact, vape pens (e-cigarettes), disposable vapes and vape tanks are not allowed in the cargo hold, so it has to go in your hand luggage. This is because lithium batteries, like vape batteries, are not allowed to be checked-in to the hold as it runs the risk of being a fire hazard.
          When you bring your vape on the plane, you have to pack it securely to avoid accidental activation. To do this, make sure your vape is completely switched off and not in sleep mode and pack your vape in a secure vape case.
          With cabin air pressure changes, your e-liquid bottles or tanks could leak, so keeping these in a plastic bag or container will help to protect the rest of your belongings.

          3. How to Bring Your Vape Through Airport Security?

          Airport security is stressful at the best of times, but if you make sure your vape, accessories and spare e-liquids are packed correctly, you shouldn’t have any problems.
          E-liquid bottles or vapes containing e-liquid can be kept in your hand luggage, as long as they only carry 100ml or less. You must fit these in a clear, plastic bag that doesn’t exceed 20cmx20cm, along with the rest of your carry-on liquids.
          If your e-liquid comes in a bottle that’s more than 100ml, even if it isn’t full, it needs to be stored in your checked baggage.

          4. Can You Vape at the Airport? 

          If you need to get your fix before you get on the plane, remember that vaping is banned inside all UK airports. You may be able to use your vape in a designated, outdoor smoking area that is away from the terminal and, typically, before passport control. Here is what the UK’s major airports say about vaping:
          London Heathrow – Vaping is permitted in designated smoking areas outside the terminal buildings, but you are not allowed to vape within the Heathrow premises.  
          London Stanstead – Vaping is not permitted inside the airport or once you are airside. You can vape in a designated area outside of the terminal building’s landside areas.
          London Gatwick – Vaping is not permitted in either terminal, however you can vape in the designated smoking areas outside of the buildings.
          London Luton – Vaping is not permitted inside London Luton Airport. However, you can vape in the designated sheltered smoking zone in front of the terminal building.
          Manchester Airport – Vaping is not permitted inside any of the terminal buildings, however you can vape in designated smoking areas outside of the terminals.
          Birmingham Airport – Vaping is not permitted within the terminal building.
          Liverpool John Lennon – Vaping and the use of e-cigarettes is not permitted within the terminal building. Users must use dedicated smoking areas.
          Newcastle Airport – Smoking e-cigarettes is not permitted inside the terminal building. There are dedicated smoking shelters before security at the front of the terminal building.

          5. Can You Vape on the Plane?

          No, you cannot use your vape on the plane in any circumstances. While you have a vape on you, you might think that you will be able to sneak a little drag here and there, but if you are caught vaping on a plane, you could face severe penalties.
          And if you think that you can vape in the toilet, think again! There are detectors installed by airlines solely to identify people trying to vape on a plane. The best solution is to sit tight and wait until you land.
          If you do vape on a plane, you could find yourself arrested when you land at your destination, and sent back home. You may also receive a lifetime ban from the airline.

          Note that you are also not allowed to re-charge your vape on the aircraft.

          6. Can You Vape Abroad?

          It’s important to understand the local vaping laws of your chosen destination so you don’t get caught out. There are actually a lot of places that do not allow vaping at all, and many countries have specific rules on how large the device could be and if you can purchase e-liquids with nicotine.
          Vaping is completely banned in the following countries, and you could face punishment for vaping and possessing a vape:
          •       Cambodia
          •       Gambia
          •       India
          •       Lebanon
          •       Nicaragua
          •       Qatar
          •       Singapore
          •       Thailand
          •       Vatican City
            Remember that vaping legislation can change quickly, so check the regulations of the country you are visiting before you travel. You can do this by looking at the government’s Foreign Travel Advice.
            If you are travelling somewhere where vaping is legal and want to vape once you’re off the plane, you need to check the rules of the airport that you are landing at. There should be designated smoking and vaping areas at the airport, however, it is best to ask when you land or make sure you research it beforehand.
            In general, when you are travelling to a different country, you should be respectful of the locals and their local customs. If vaping is permitted where you are visiting, make sure to research if there are any restrictions to this.
            You can consult this guide to give you an insight into your chosen destination and its laws on e-cigarettes.

            7. How Do You Look After Your Vape When Abroad?

            Most people are on the lookout for a warm holiday to relax, but be careful with your vape - the heat is not very good for it. Hot weather can harm the battery and the liquid.
            If you have a very specific vape flavour choice, the flavour could change when it comes into contact with the scorching heat. The heat can also leave the liquid a lot runnier, affecting how it is vaporised and the potency of the nicotine. So, if you are heading to a very hot country, you may want to keep your e-liquid in the fridge to keep it fresh.
            Also, be aware that if you charge your vape battery in heat over 38 degrees C, it may struggle to stay alive for long periods of time. Keep your vape out of direct sunlight and find the best ways to keep it cool. So, if you are at the beach and you need a puff, keep it in a plastic bag!

            We hope you are now feeling more comfortable and confident in how to take your vape abroad. Taking vapes on the plane is very common and straightforward to do, just remember to check up on and follow the rules and regulations of the airports you are visiting, your airline and the destination country.

            To learn more about the rules and regulations around vaping, check out the rest of our blog posts. And if you are taking your vape abroad soon, take a look at our latest vape kits, e-liquid special offers and more so you’re stocked up before your trip. 

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