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Aspire Athos Coils
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Aspire BP Empty 2ml Pod
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Aspire Gotek 2ml Pod Twin Pack 0.8 Ohm
Aspire Nautilus XS Coils - Vape Town Online
Aspire Revvo ARC Coil 3pk (0.10ohm - 0.16ohm) - Vape Town

Aspire Coils FAQ’s

How long does an Aspire coil last?

Some factors can make the coil last both longer and shorter periods. If you dry vape, you may burn out the coil, ruining its longevity. If you vape a lot, then that will also mean it will need replacing faster.

How often should you change aspire coils?

This is pretty much the same as above. If you get a burnt flavour while you vape, it is a sure-fire way to know your coil needs a change. Other ways to tell:
  • If your vape is gurgling, change the coil, and if it continues to make the noise, you may need to investigate further.
  • If your vape juice doesn’t taste right. We often have our favourite, so if your usual go-to flavour isn’t quite right, it may be time to switch your coil.
  • A leaking vape. Changing the coil is always a good place to start if that doesn’t fix it; it’s time to check your tank.

Can you clean aspire coils?

Yes, you can. Swishing the coil in hot water can help remove any dried on excess juice. It can also help extend the life of your coil. Once you have cleaned it, allow the coil twenty-four hours to dry and don’t forget to prime it once reinstalled. In addition to this, it is always worth cleaning your coil if you are switching flavours.

Can a burnt coil hurt your throat?

Yes. A burnt coil, if overused, can cause you to have a sore throat. If you start tasting a burnt vape juice, we highly recommend you change your coil straight away.

Why is my coil burning so fast?

There are ways of helping your coil to last longer, and if you are finding that you are going through them very quickly, just follow this checklist to give your coil the best opportunity to last longer.
  • Prime your coil before use.
  • Take longer, slower puffs. It’s a vape, not a cigarette, so it requires less pull.
  • Ensure your settings are optimised and you are using the correct wattage.
  • Ensure you always have enough liquid in your tank.
  • Make sure you are using the suitable Liquid with the correct VG/PG mix.

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