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With our busy lifestyles and continually being on the move, we wanted to showcase our ten best vape pens at Vape Town. So whether you are travelling, prefer a more subtle vape kit, or are just starting your vaping life, you can rest assured that we have the perfect pen to suit your needs. 

But what is a vape pen? A vape pen is a long slim vaporiser that looks somewhat like a pen. They tend to be slimline, lightweight and easy to carry around. They work in the same way as alternative vape kits. They have a battery, an atomiser coil, tank and mouthpiece.

Who are vape pens for? A vape pen is perfect for those who work hard and play hard. If you find you are always on the move, either working, hiking or taking a jaunt around town, the vape pen is a perfect addition to your kit. A vape pen is slimline and easy to travel with, meaning that if you are a wanderer, there is no need to worry about carrying a large, cumbersome kit to get your hits. You can slip one of these into your pocket or purse and forget it’s there till you need it.

Aspire Tigon Kit

The alternative mouthpieces give the vaper both the option for mouth to lung or direct to lung vaping. The Aspire Tigon kit, with its compact design, is a perfect travellers accompaniment. It also can be purchased in two different sizes and various colours, ranging from the classic rainbow finish to black and blue.

  • Great intermediate kit
  • It can be used with low and high VG liquids depending on coils used
  • Good battery life

Innokin Endura T18II Kit and the Innokin T18 mini kit

This Innokin vape pen is one of our favourite go-to pens on the market. Part of the reading behind that is the mouthpiece cover. If you are someone who is always on the move, the mouthpiece cover means you can shove your pen in your pocket and not worry about lint or anything else getting on and disrupting your vape.

The Innokin T18 mini kit is the same as T18II, only smaller.

  • Great starter pen kit
  • It can be used with low VG liquids 
  • Creates a smooth vape, not too harsh a hit

    Aspire K4 Kit

    The Aspire K4 kit is a perfect midrange vape pen. Its carbon fibre finish means it is robust and durable, ensuring that any knocks along the way cause no issues. Its sturdy design makes it a perfect accompaniment for those to enjoy an outdoor adventure in the more rugged parts of the world. The kit can be purchased in pink or black and contains the k4 battery, a Cleito tank, a 0.27 Cleito coil preinstalled, an extra replacement coil and a Cleito cuff, and a Micro USB cable.

    • Great middle of the road pen kit
    • It can be used with high VG liquids 
    • It creates a lot of vapour

    Uses the trusted Cleito coil

    Freemax Twister 80W Kit 

    With its adjustable wattage, the Freemax Twister is a great pen for those who like to mix it up a little. This expert pen is the one for you if you desire to have a sleek design matched with more customisation options for your unique vape experience. If you like an intense hit with masses of flavour, then this is the pen for you. It comes with a pre-installed TX2 Mesh Coil and a spare TX1, replacement O-ring and USB charger.

    • Great advanced pen kit
    • You can use the pen with high VG liquids 
    • Creates a lot of vapour and flavour

      Aspire PockeX

      Our best selling pen, the Aspire Pockex, is undoubtedly the peoples favourite. This all in one design means that you have everything at the tip of your fingers from the get-go. No fiddly changes need to be made. The top-fill design makes for easy replenishment of your favourite juices and coil replacements. With its 2 cm wide frame and less than 12cm height, it really can go anywhere with you, easily slipping into any pocket, bag or hand, making it a versatile vaping companion. 

      • Best selling pen kit
      • It can be used with low and high VG liquids 
      • It packs a punch for its size 

      Vaporesso Orca Kit

      The Vaporesso Orca kit is the perfect beginner’s vape pen or for those who prefer a non-complicated vape. Its no-nonsense build and simple operating system make it easy to grasp. It is small enough to fit in a pocket or purse, and its top-fill tank makes it easy to refill on the go.

      • Small and compact
      • Starter pen
      • Ideal for 50/50 PG/VG juice

      Smok Stick V9

      The newest member of the Smok Stick family, the Smok Stick v9, is everything you can expect from the Smok brand, only upgraded. The airflow system has been enhanced, which has helped produce substantial vape clouds and intense flavour for its size. This is a powerful vape pen that fits in your pocket.

      • Powerful
      • Two coil choices
      • High VG juice

      Smok Vape Pen V2

      This intermediate-level vape pen brings simplicity and power to your fingertips. Its one-button navigation keeps controlling it easy, so you can focus on enjoying the smooth vapour it produces. This stylish vape pen also has an LED battery charge status, so you will never be caught out when on the move. The built-in safety features allow you peace of mind when you are charging and using the device. 

      • Good middle of the road kit
      • It packs a punch for size
      • Wide range of coils

      Smok 80w Kit

      With its incredible TF tank, the Smok 80w kit produces massive vapour clouds and incredible flavour to a slimline vape pen. The simple dial at the bottom of the pen allows you to quickly and smoothly adjust your desired wattage, and the new fire button lets you know if your battery is running low. When charging, the very same LED indicator will let you know it’s fully charged, and its safety features will make sure you are not at risk of overcharging or overheating the device. 

      • Adjustable power
      • High VG juices

      All of these vape pens bring with them the versatility required for vaping on the move. Slimline, small, robust and vapourful, the most difficult decision you will have to make is which one to buy. We hope to help ease that decision with this guide, giving you the best possible fit for your active and busy lifestyles.

      Things to keep in mind when you are purchasing your vape pen.

      • Are you MTL (mouth to lung vaper) or a DTL (direct to lung vaper)? 
      • Do you like a strong, flavourful vape or a smoother experience? 
      • What type of liquids do you use? Or which liquids should you use? 
      • Do you want a vape pen that you can adjust? Or do you want an all-in-one?

      If you are new to vaping and wish to learn more about it before making a purchase, here is a list of great articles that can help you. 

      The above are just a fraction of the information that we have to help you start your vaping life or gain a bit more knowledge and understanding about everything vape. If you still have questions or concerns about making the right decision, why not give us a ring and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff who will gladly help you.