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To get the most out of your vape mod, there are some things you need to do to ensure you’re always receiving the maximum amount of flavour and vapour. We’ve already explained the importance of cleaning your vape tank and told you how to refill your vape tank. But, for any beginner or advanced vapers, it’s also essential to know how to change vape coils.

Why you need to change vape coils

The coil is a key component of any vape mod, it’s what heats up the e-liquid in your vape tank to produce vapour.

Whenever you turn on the power supply to the mod and begin to take a hit from your vape electrical currents flow from the battery to the coil. This heats up the coil which, in turn, heats up the e-liquid contained in the vape tank to produce the flavoured vapour that you ultimately inhale. 

Because of this heat passing through the coil, it can become burnt the more it’s used. When the coil becomes burnt the flavour of the vapour produced changes, meaning your vape enjoyment is compromised. 

Not only does it taste bad to vape on a burnt coil, but you also will experience less vapour production and it can ultimately damage your vape mod, meaning you need to replace it more frequently. 

vape coils with orange rims

When to change vape coils

How often you need to change vape coils will depend on how much you vape. If you’re a social vaper or vape infrequently you can potentially go as long as a month without needing to change your coils. 

But, if you’re a heavy vape user and vape frequently throughout the day, you may need to change vape coils as often as once a week. 

There are some key signs that it might be time to replace your vape coil, including:

A gurgling sound when you vape

You’ll know it’s time to change your vape coil if you begin to hear a ‘gurgling’ sound when you vape. This sound shouldn’t happen if everything is in working order with your vape mod, although it’s not always due to the coil. 

When you hear a gurgling sound coming from your vape, the quickest and easiest way to correct it is to change your vape coil.

A burnt taste to your vape

The biggest sign that your coil is burnt is experiencing a burning taste when you take a hit from your vape. As soon as your e-liquid begins to taste acrid and burnt rather than its usual sweet flavour, it’s time to change your coil. 

You might be able to get rid of the burnt taste and slightly prolong the life of your coil by cleaning it. But this will only give you a short amount of extra time until you need to replace the coil. 

Reduced vapour production

Because it’s the coil that is responsible for heating the e-liquid in your vape tank to turn it into vapour, when a coil reaches the end of its lifespan, you’ll experience a decrease in vapour production. 

When you begin to notice less vapour being produced, you can replace your coil straight away or you can carry on vaping until any of the other symptoms above begin to show up.  

vape coil with wicking material

How to change vape coils

So, now you know how to tell when your coil needs to be changed, you need to know how to change vape coils.

1. Remove the tank from your vape

To be able to change your vape coil, you need to disassemble your vape. Exactly how you do this will vary slightly from mod to mod. But generally, you’ll need to unscrew the tank from your vape in the same way you would when cleaning or refilling your vape tank. 

2. Empty your vape tank

It’s best to wait until your vape tank is empty or nearly empty of e-liquid before changing coils so that you don’t waste any e-liquid and don’t get in a mess with it leaking.

If there is some small amount of e-liquid left in your vape tank when you change coils, wrap the tank in a paper towel or cloth when you take out the coil.

3. Pre-soak the new coil’s wicking material

When changing coils it’s important to prep the new wicking materials that will be used in the tank. You need to pre-saturate the wicking material in about 5-10 drops of e-liquid, how much you’ll need to use will depend on the size of your coil. 

If you don’t presoak the wicking material and just insert a new coil into dry wick then your wicking material will burn straight away and ruin your vape experience. 

4. Swap out the coils

To swap out your old, burnt coil for a new one simply unscrew the old coil from the bottom of your vape tank and replace it with your new coil that you’ve just pre-soaked. You might want to keep some paper towel or a cloth nearby to keep your hands clean. 

5. Replace and refill your tank

After you’ve replaced the coil in your vape tank, it’s time reassemble your vape. To do this, simply screw the vape tank back on to your mod and refill your vape tank with your favourite flavour of e-liquid.

These tips should help you to recognise when and how your vape coil needs to be changed but if you come up against any additional problems, get in touch with our vaping experts and they’ll be more than happy to help resolve your problem.