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Those of you who are just starting your vaping life or those who have made the switch from smoking to vaping - going nicotine-free is a perfect way to enjoy the perks of vaping without the addictive side effects. 

Here we will go into more depth about why you may want to transition to nicotine-free vaping.


First and foremost, vaping nicotine-free e-liquids and juices mean that it can help you break an addiction to nicotine. 

For those who are also attempting to stop smoking, having a nicotine-free vape handy, means that you can help yourself break the habit by weaning yourself off cigarettes. For example, if you are currently smoking ten cigarettes a day, you could switch to nine with a vape break so that you are still on your regular routine, and then slowing increase it as the weeks go on. 

By doing this, you can break your habit without the need to go cold turkey.

Vaping has long been a product that people trying to quit smoking have turned to. The ability to switch between nicotine and non-nicotine based products so easily, means you have a more significant opportunity to help yourself break the addiction while still having something in your hand. 

Breaking the nicotine addiction and the habit of having a cigarette in your hand can be challenging, so why not try the switch to vaping and see the difference it can make.

Nicotine Break

Much like the above, sometimes you may wish to reduce your nicotine intake. Having too much nicotine while you are learning your limitations is quite a common occurrence. So if you are feeling dizzy or your body is simply saying no to a nicotine-based juice, there is no need to stop your vape breaks. 

Switching to a nicotine-free vape juice can help you step away from the addictive elements of smoking and vaping and give your body a break.


Smoother Vape Experience 

Generally, nicotine-free vape juices are smoother. So if you prefer a less harsh vaping experience and are not vaping for the nicotine hit, you may find that switching to a nicotine-free option as a more pleasurable option for those who prefer a smooth affair.

Choosing flavoured nicotine-free vape means that you can focus on the flavours you love without the harsher hits.

Perfect for Hobbyist or casual vaping

Without the addictive aspects of vaping and smoking, these nicotine-free options are the perfect way to experiment with vaping. The juices are also ideal for a hobbyist vaper, who enjoys the social and creative aspects of vaping without the risk of addiction. 

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