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We all seem to carry our lives around in our pockets these days. Whether it’s being used as a camera, information database or an actual phone, our mobile devices have become a necessity. As a vaper, I’m sure that the two things you always have on you are your phone and your vape, but did you know there are some fantastic ways to combine the two?

We have been researching some epic vape apps that can improve your expertise, help you to create, and be social, all within the world of vaping. Here are our recommendations for the five best vape apps you should have on your mobile device. 


Vaffle is the ever-popular app that has been created as a social home for vapers. Within this social platform, you will find that, unlike other social platforms, everyone is connected by their love for vaping. Boasting a huge one and a half million plus people already connected and from no less than one hundred and seventy different countries, this app is bringing the world of vaping together.

Vaffle could be seen as a combination of Facebook and Instagram. But it is so much more than that. Of course, you can chat to vapers, share images and be inspired by the diversity you find on this social network, but there is also a tonne of information, reviews, suggestions from industry experts and vape stars to follow. You could get lost in this app for hours browsing, playing some of the games or trying your luck at the many competitions they run. 

With its auto-translate feature, language is no longer a barrier. This means you can reach out to those vapers from across the globe and learn all about their world and culture while sharing your love for vaping. 

Best of all is that the app is completely inclusive. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro, there is information and Q & A’s for everyone, helping create an environment that will improve your vaping experience from the moment it’s on your device.

Vaffle Vape App

OHM’s Law

If tinkering with technology is more your thing, then the OHM’s Law app is a must-have for you. With its simplistic build and non-intrusive adverts, it is a perfect app for those who want to dabble with the creation and altering of their vaping mods. 

This app will enable you to do all the checks required when playing around with coils, wires, and your mod’s general modification, enabling you to have complete control and your own unique vaping experience. 

The design is so easy to use that even those new to tinkering will be able to grasp it quickly and ensure that the alterations you want to create are safe. 

All this being said, what exactly does the app calculate? 

  • Volts
  • Amps
  • Watts

The ohms law app follows the standard ohms law triangle and the power triangle to show if your calculations are correct and safe to use.

Ohms Law Vape App

Vape Tool

This vape app has such a vast amount of options that we don’t know where to begin. 

Despite the number of features this app has, the interface is easy to navigate and simple to use for both beginners and advanced vapers. Vape Tool allows you to play with settings, juices, coils and benchmark battery life, meaning that you can fully customise your vaping experience prior to testing it out on your actual vape. 

The Vape Tool app also boasts an extensive FAQ section that provides information regarding all aspects of the vaping world with important information that can help you to extend the longevity of your mods, coils and other vape components. This can help you get more for your money and keep your equipment streamlined and working at its maximum potential.

Vape Tool Vape App

What about the Pro version?

Vape Tool has a pro version that retails at around £2.50. 

The Pro version of the app offers even more features than the original, plus the bonus of no advertisements. Here are some of the other features you can gain from spending a little cash.

  • More coil types
  • Advanced Sweet Spot Finder
  • Consuming flavours feature (Tracking flavours amount left)
  • You can use custom wires by entering the parameter [Ohm/Meter]
  • Wires length needed to build a coil
  • E-Juice Pie chart
  • Safe Min. Resistance for batteries
  • Fast Ohm Law calculator widget
  • Custom number of core strands in clapton builds
Pro Vape Tool Vape App

Pocket Vapour Coil Calculator

For those more advanced users, we recommend the Pocket Vapour Coil Calculator. This incredible app allows you to toy with your vapes coil settings without the risk of ruining your kit. It has so many options and features that you can spend hours optimising your vape for the perfect cloud, strength and choice output. 

Some of the options include items such as length of coil and coil diameter, all the way to the voltage you wish to run your vape. With just a few inputs, you can calculate the coil resistance, surface power, and your coils’ performance to gain maximum longevity and your perfect vape. 

Calculator Features:

  • Calculation optimal power for vaping
  • Materials helix 9
  • Different number of coils
  • Different number of wires in microcoil
  • Determination of the optimal voltage to vapor
  • The calculation coil resistance
  • Calculation of surface power
  • Calculation of the length of the wire
  • Input voltage 1-20V
Vape Coil App

NHS Smokefree

Although this isn’t specifically a vaping app, it can be a huge help when you want to quit smoking. Many folks shift from smoking to vaping, which helps break the habit without going cold turkey. This app is a 28-day program that tracks how much money you have saved, the number of cigarettes smoked per day and gives you motivational advice regarding your health as you go through the process. 

In addition to that, the app has support in the form of messages to keep you positive, badges to help you with your goals and tips to help with cravings. As the NHS builds this app, you know that the information is well researched and gives you the best possible chance of breaking your smoking habit. 

Quitting smoking isn’t easy, and the habits come in more forms than just a nicotine addiction. If you have a read of our heavy smokers guide to vaping *Insert article here*, you can see the difference a vape in your hand can make when trying to kick the habit. 

NHS Smoke Free Vape App