Vape Town’s Guide to Aspire Kits | Vape Town Online

A pioneer for innovation. Aspire kits have increased in popularity in the Vaping world, bringing top quality reliable devices, mods and kits. Aspire’s commitment to its customers to provide nothing but the best has helped them become a household name in vaping.

Who is Aspire?

Founded in 2013, Aspire has quickly risen to be one of the most predominant brands of the vape world. With its stylish look and high-quality designs, Aspire is a brand you can trust. 

Who are Aspire products best for?

Aspire have focused their products for ease of use over masses of technology, so if you are a vaper looking for a beautiful and simplistic product, you have come to the right place.

Aspire Kits

From beginners to experienced vapers, we bring you a selection of Aspire products to fulfil your needs and desires. Aspire are a reliable and trusted brand that we believe in. Here is a sample of Aspire products we offer at Vape Town.

Starter Kit

Aspire Pockex

The Aspire Pockex is a perfect starter kit for those new to vaping. With its discrete design and sub-ohm vapour production, the Pockex is the perfect kit for those on the go. Its small size means that it is easy to store, but it still provides a substantial amount of vapour, flavour and excellent battery life. 

Intermediate Kit 

Aspire Deco

With its ergonomic design and plethora of functions, the Aspire Deco is a beautifully crafted kit for an incredible price. It features an easy to use top-fill, and a precise airflow adjustment that will allow you to make all the changes you need for your perfect vaping experience.

Advanced Mod

Aspire Dynamo

The Aspire Dynamo mod is a stunning piece of kit designed beautifully for both aesthetics and quality. The dynamo features an impressive 2.0 inch TFT screen with an adjustable UI to match your chosen vibe. It has a massive 220-watt capability and dual battery compatibility. Its ergonomic design means that you can make all the adjustments you require with one hand. 

Starter Tank

Aspire K1

Perfect for new starters and low powered kits, the Aspire K1 tank is effortless to use, sturdy and reliable. Created with Pyrex glass and stainless steel, you know you are getting a tank that will give you the longevity you want while providing a good quality vapour with a screw-top that is easy to refill. 

Intermediate Tank

Aspire Nautilus XS

The Aspire Nautilus XS is the latest advancement from the Nautilus X. It has a precision ultra-smooth consistent airflow for the perfect vape, combined with two large adjustable airflow holes allowing you to adjust the resistance of your inhales. Its heat resistant drip tip means a consistently comfortable vape.

Advanced Tank

Aspire Cleito Pro

The Aspire Cleito Pro tank is an incredible piece of innovation. It has an easy-fill slider meaning that there is no unscrewing necessary, making your refilling process seamless. The Cleito Pro airflow system has enlarged wicking holes allowing the tank to breathe easily even when chain vaping. The tank uses the trusted Cleito coil, meaning you can rest assured that your vape will be flavorful and dense. 

At Vape Town, we have put together an outstanding collection of Aspire products to suit all vapers’ needs. We love Aspire because we know that they stand for innovation, quality, durability and reliability. Aspire create products that are not only reliable and robust but are aesthetically pleasing too.