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Vaporesso is one of the vape industries most prominent premium brands. They bring with them the latest and greatest in vape and e-cigarette technology. Giving you the opportunity for a smoother or throatier hit depending on your own individual desires, as well as a cutting edge design and look.

Who is Vaporesso?

Self-proclaiming as being beyond the ordinary, Vaporesso are a brand that is committed to creating a smoke-free world. This 2015 brand were created with an ethos and vision to create quality products for any Vaporesso user. 

That combined with their commitment to innovation and being at the cutting edge of the vaping world, Vaporesso, could be exactly what you are looking for. 

Vaporesso Kits

Here at Vape Town we take the time to research the products we know will work for you. So here we have our chosen Vaporesso kits, all handpicked and ready to give you the best vaping experience we can.


Here are our recommendations

Vaporesso 80W GEN Nano Kit

Great for beginners and more advanced vapers, the Gen Nano kit is the perfect go-to option for those who want to combine a smooth vape with enough options should your requirements evolve.

With the AXON chipset, you can be confident that the control is in your hands. Giving the ability to find your perfect set up.

Vaporesso 220W GEN S Kit

With its super high powered kit, the 220W Gen S Kit gives you all that you need for those who want even more control from their vaping devices. The GTX22 tank provides you with maximum flavour and dense clouds. 

Vaporesso Swag 2 Kit

With its 80W output, the Vaporesso Swag combines a lightweight ergonomic body, with enough power for a smooth vape. Its rubberised grip makes it comfortable in your hands, while its sliding top-fill mechanism gives you a quick and stress-free top-up capability.

Vaporesso GTX ONE Kit

This compact vape kit is small enough to carry anywhere. Its 40W power output provides a vape for those who crave a more subtle experience. And with a built-in airflow system, plus GTX coils. you know you are going to receive great flavours all the way.

Here at Vape Town, we understand the importance of individuality, and we feel that Vaporesso is one of those brands that provide the technology and options to suit the beginner, intermediate or advanced level vaper. Vaporesso gives you everything you need for an undeniably pleasurable vaping experience.


Vaporesso kits offer various options for your vaping experience and can also be bought separately, so if you are still unsure if Vaporesso is for you, why not head over to our FAQ’s to find out more. 

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