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What are nicotine salts?

Nicotine salts, often called nic salts, have been developed to imitate the strength and sense of nicotine you can find in a standard tobacco cigarette. They are partly formed from nicotine, extracted in its pure form from tobacco leaves. When mixed with e-liquids, nic salts are a popular way to deliver the nicotine you desire to your bloodstream. You can use nic salt e-liquid in a variety of pod kits, tanks, and sub-ohm devices, which provide strong, appealing flavours and a fulfilling throat hit.

How do nic salts and e-liquids differ?

The main difference between nicotine salts and e-liquid, or e-juice, is the nicotine form. A nicotine salt includes a more natural form of nicotine, like its pure form found in tobacco leaves. The natural state enables a smooth draw with rapid absorption, eradicating smoking cravings. On the other hand, standard e-liquid typically involves freebase nicotine, which is often described as delivering an intensely strong throat hit with milder flavours. This makes it ideal for sub-ohm vaping.

Are nicotine salts better than freebase e-liquid?

There’s no set answer to whether nicotine salts or freebase e-liquids are better – it’s all down to personal preference. However, a nicotine salt vape may be preferable for several reasons.

The main reason is that nic salts can relieve those who have just quit smoking of cravings, offering a high-nicotine answer to their problems with rapid delivery. Just a few puffs of a nicotine salt vape can eliminate smoking cravings, whilst freebase e-liquid doesn’t offer as high a nicotine dose.

Nic salts are also handy for those wanting to cut down their vaping habits. Because they provide a more satisfying draw and strength, you don’t need to take as many puffs to be fulfilled. The fact that you’ll likely be vaping less could help you save money in the long run!

Finally, nic salt e-liquids tend to last longer than freebase nicotine juice because they have a lower pH level. This base gives them a more stable chemical structure, meaning you can take your time when consuming them.

So, if you prefer a more rapid nicotine release with a smoother throat hit, you will probably think nic salt liquids are superior to standard freebase nicotine e-juices.

How do nicotine salts in the UK work?

Nicotine salts are developed by blending standard freebase nicotine to lower the pH level, thus neutralising the alkalinity and creating a milder throat hit. This process ensures that nicotine salts can be more rapidly vaporised at lower temperatures and absorbed quickly into the bloodstream.

With this process, nicotine salt e-liquids are suited to a range of sub-ohm and plus-ohm vape kits.

Can you utilise nicotine salt vape juice in a standard vape?

The great thing about nic salts is that nic salt e-juice can be used in the majority of vape kits, especially mouth-to-lung kits. Despite this, you must remember to use them in lower-wattage devices since nic salts usually have a more powerful nicotine strength. Using them in higher-wattage kits could result in an overly potent nicotine hit, which could be unpleasant.

Concerning ohms, we recommend vaping nicotine salts on both sub-ohm and plus-ohm devices. Sub-ohm devices are those with a resistance below one ohm, while plus-ohm devices are those with a resistance higher than one ohm. For example, most pod and starter kits have a resistance higher than one ohm, making them perfect to use with nicotine salt juice. Mix with your preferred shortfill flavour to get started!

Filling your tank or pod with your nic salt e-liquid and letting it soak into the coil for a few minutes will help you avoid those pesky dry hits.

Our team will gladly offer guidance if you need advice on a device’s compatibility with nic salts.

What nicotine salt strength is right for you?

You can find nic salt vape juice in a variety of strengths, typically 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg. Many vapers find that because nic salts are absorbed so quickly compared to standard freebase nicotine vape juices, a low strength can offer satisfaction. However, this is all down to personal preference.

If you smoked heavily in the past, you may want to try nic salt 20mg e-liquids. You can then work your way down in terms of strength or even give up completely over time. Discover what happens when you quit smoking and start vaping to see if this is something you could consider. 

Why get your nic salt liquid from Vape Town?

At Vape Town, we offer a vast selection of high-quality nicotine salt e-liquids from the most popular brands, such as Next Level, Elf Bar, and Lost Mary, along with Vape Town's very own nic salts at great value. 

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With ample products, strengths, and flavours, selecting the right nic salt e-liquid for you can often be difficult. Luckily, our team is committed to offering help and support to every customer who needs it, from beginners to advanced vapers.

We are always on hand to help you choose the best nic salt product, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

Alternatively, please take a look at our blog for the most advice on how to enhance your vaping experience, from tips on how to vape to guidance on getting your head around nic shots and shortfills.