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Mechanical Vape Kits FAQ’s

What is a mechanical mod?

Mechanical mods are a simple yet advanced vaping device that delivers raw battery power to an atomiser without electronic regulations, safeguards or protections for the user.
Battery housing: Most often in metal tube form, though mechanical box mods are also common in wood or plastic

How does a mechanical mod work?

The mod draws its power directly from the battery and sends it to the coil. There is no regulated chipset, and therefore, we would recommend these mods for more advanced users.

What are mechanical mods made from?

You can find mechanical mods in many different materials, including resin, wood and metal.

Are mechanical mods safe to use for new vapers?

As they are unregulated mods, we would recommend you only purchase one if you are a more advanced vaper. Having an in-depth knowledge of Ohm’s law will help. If you want to know more about this, why not download the Ohms Law app.

Do Mech Mods have a more substantial hit?

It very much depends on the other mods you have tried. If you have a high wattage box mod, you may find that it isn’t overly different. If you are using a low wattage vape pen, you will notice quite a difference.

What wattage do Mech Mods vape at

This would very much depend on the resistance of the coil that has been installed. You have to ensure that the coil is installed correctly and ensure that the coils’ resistance is safe for the device.

Which e-liquids should you use with a mech mod?

We always recommend you start off using a 50/50 liquid and then experiment from there. The tank and coil make all the difference, so double-check the brand you are purchasing along with the coil. If it is a sub-Ohm set up, you would be better off with a thicker liquid with a higher VG ratio.

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