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Vaporesso Tanks FAQ’s

Can you use a Vaporesso tank with any mod?

Most of our Vaporesso tanks and mods are interchangeable. The only problems you may find is that the wattage the tank requires to operate effectively is far higher than that the mod can operate at. This would substantially reduce the battery life and you may not get as much flavour and vapour you require from your tank.

What’s the difference between a Sub-0hm tank and a regular?

In layman’s terms, a Sub-0hm tank is one that uses under 1ohm of resistance. This effects the current that can pass through it and how hot the coil will get. The lower the resistance, the more electricity that can pass through. This leads to more heat and produces more vapour and flavour.

How often should I clean my Vaporesso tank?

A bare minimum should be every month, but for those who vape on a more regular basis, you should consider cleaning it more frequently.

How do you clean your Vaporesso tank?

Detach your tank and remove any excess e-liquid. Fill a bowl with luke warm water then disassemble your tank. Place the separate pieces (not the coil) into the bowl of water and give them a good wash. Once the components are clean, dry off the tank, leave to dry for approximately 15 minutes and at this point, we would recommend you change your coil.

Can you use any liquids in Vaporesso tanks?

A sub-0hm tank requires a juice of at least a 70% VG content (Vegetable Glycerine), whereas a regular tank can use 50/50 VG or PG (Propylene Glycol) liquids.

Is your Vaporesso product genuine?

Check for the anti-counterfeit label on your Vaporesso product packaging. The foil sticker on the back should contain a V. When you shift the sticker under a light, the V should move around. If you are still not sure, scan the QR code on the back or enter your product code.

What’s the difference between a mesh coil and strip coil?

A coil with a metal mesh that is wrapped in cotton. The mesh helps to produce more heat onto your moist cotton which produces larger vape clouds. A strip coil can emulate the performance of a mesh coil but can concentrate the heat much more precisely. Both of them produce more even heating of the coil, reducing the burnt hits.

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