Aspire BVC Coils

oHm: 1.6 ohm


Explore our range of Aspire BVC Coils

The BVC Aspire vape coils have been specifically designed for use in the Aspire K1, K2 Ce5, Spryte, Vivi Nova tanks and Aspire Clearomizers.

Nautilus users please order the Nautilus specific BVC coils as these Aspire coils are a different shape and won't fit Nautilus tanks.

The Aspire BVC Replacement Coils are available in 3 different resistances allowing you to choose the right coil according to your devices set up.

Pack contents:

  • Aspire BVC uk Replacement Coils 5 pack

Coil resistances available:

  • BVC coil 1.6 ohm is recommended to be run on mid-strength nicotine as a mouth to lung experience
  • BVC coil 1.8  ohm is recommended to be run on higher nicotine levels as a mouth to lung vape.
  • BVC coil 1.2 ohm is recommended to be run on salt nicotine or lower strength 50/50 juice.

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