How do you charge your vape kit or battery cells safely? | Vape Town Online

Charging your vape battery safely should be of paramount importance. It sounds like a simple task, but getting it wrong is something we at Vape Town want you to avoid.

We have put together this small guide to ensure your maximum safety and get the longevity and best performance from your vape. 

If you have a built-in battery, use your vape battery cable.

Using the correct cable is vitally important. The cable provided with your kit will ensure that the exact voltage is used to charge your vape device. Using alternate wires, such as your phone cable, or an alternative bought off the internet or marketplace etc., can mean that your vape isn’t getting the voltage it requires or is perhaps getting too much. Overcharging vape kits can potentially damage your device.

Using the correct plugs for your device

if your battery is built into your device, consult the manual for best practices. Your device instruction manuals will detail the correct amp plug to use. If you have misplaced your device manual, contact your local vape supplier, who will guide you. You can also check the manufacturer’s website for your kits manual.

Check your vape kit for damage first.

You must ensure that your vape is in good condition before you charge it. Plugging a broken vape into a power source can mean that the device may not charge properly and may further damage the unit.

Do not charge your vape kit or external batteries overnight.

Leaving your vape kit to charge overnight should not be done. It is always best to keep an eye on your charger or vape kit while recharging it. It is best to charge your kit or cells first thing or before leaving the house is the best time.

Charging battery cells out of a device

You should always use genuine quality charging units. Before you charge the batteries, ensure you have double-checked them for any damage. The batteries must be inserted into your charger with the right polarities in place. You should have received a power cable with your charging device, so make sure you use the supplied cable. If your battery bay is not working as it should, you will need to replace your charger and never leave your cells charging unattended.

Buy high-quality rechargeable batteries.

Going for a branded rechargeable battery means that you know they have been tried and tested on many different products. The initial outlay may be more expensive, but the quality you will receive will surpass that of a cheap unknown brand. The vigorous testing process that the batteries will have undergone means that you can rest easier, knowing that you have the best possible power source for your vape. These batteries can often last longer and be recharged substantially more than your cheaper options. 

On a side note - if you spot any damage to your batteries, for instance, slight rusting, expansion, or if the battery wraps are damaged, do not recharge them. You should dispose of them correctly and replace them immediately. 

Charging using a laptop or television USB.

Once again, we would urge you to double-check your technology’s voltage output before charging. Generally, charging your vape through a laptop or TV is fine. If anything, the voltage may be a bit lower, which could lead to lengthy charging times.

Don’t charge your vape or battery cells in extreme heat or cold.

You may wish to charge your vape on the go, and with the plethora of USB power banks available, this has become more possible than ever. However, even if you have checked the voltage and all is well with your kit, leaving it out in direct sunlight or on a frigid day can cause problems. 

The sun can lead to your vape kit overheating, and your batteries can get ruined. 

If you have any doubts about your kit and its charging processes, please contact us. If you think that your batteries or vape are damaged, do not use them until you have received expert advice.