Vaperz Cloud - SAGA Dual 21700 Mech Mod

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The VCP was one of the original products Vaperz Cloud grew its reputation on over the past 5 years. With the cult following behind the Hammer of God Box Mod - it was only natural the dual battery little brother would gain respect from the fans and become a staple for all our collectors. However, it was different from the HOG in its own right - small, sleek, and elegant. It was more refined and put together than the crazy big brother. It was a tiny powerhouse that had a certain classy look that wasn't offered across the VC hardware range. It was 3 years ago we have done anything similar in respect to the original VCP - but now things are changing. We are pleased to bring everyone our newest device which embodies everything the original VCP stood for - simplicity and beauty with a kick of power. Something that is pocket friendly but gives you the vape quality only a purely mechanical series device can give you. It's perfect for on the go use or using in your next cloud comp. This is the Saga Mod.


  • Dual 21700 Series Mechanical Mod (8.4 Volt)
  • Bottom Loading Door
  • Adjustable 510
  • Copper Internal Switch
  • VC Tech Spring For Optimal Voltage Drop
Please note this mod does not come with batteries

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