Smok TFV8 Baby V2 / TFV-Mini V2 Coil 3pk

Pack Type: K1 0.2ohm



The Smok TFV8 Baby V2 (TFV-Mini V2 EU) has new powerful coils. This have a large heating area to offer you fast heating process, larger clouds of vapour and phenomenal flavour! These are available in Stainless Steel, Gold & Rainbow colours!

The new coils uses Antibacterial medical cotton, the best replacement of former organic one. This kind of medical cotton is better and can reduce the amount of bacteria.

The TFV8 Baby V2/ TFV-Mini V2 Tank coil are sold is packs of 3:

Baby V2 A1 Coil (0.17ohm): has one big hole inside, in which you can see a large piece of mesh covered the cotton, the design is simple yet have unprecedented excellend effect. You can feel faster heating process and greater taste. These can be run between 90w-140w. However we recommend 110w-130w for best results.

Baby V2 A2 Coil (0.2ohm): has two holes inside, and both of the holes have cobra mesh covered. This design can help to bring more airflow and offer you massive vapour. These can be run between 70w-120w. However we recommend 85w-105w for best results.

Baby V2 A3 Coil (0.15ohm): has three separate heating coils inside, combining with 3 larger airflow slots at the bottom of the tank, more air can be straightly brought in, and when your fire to vape, three coils will heat simultaneously, which can bring you unprecedented huge and thick vapour. these can be run between 80w-130w. However we recommend to run these between 100w-120w.

Baby V2 S1 Coil (0.15ohm): has a single mesh coil. Custom made for stick series battery. This coil focusses on lower wattage but intense clouds and flavour. Designed to have a longer life span. These can be run between 40-80w however we recommend 60-70w for the best vaping experience.

Baby V2 S2 Coil (0.15ohm): are quadruple coils. Another coils custom made for the Stick V9 series battery. This coil focusses on lower wattage but intense clouds and flavour. Much more restricted airflow and will have a longer lifespan due to extra direct wicking holes. These can be run between 30-70w but we believe its best to run them between 45-60w for the best experience.

Baby V2 K1 Coil (0.2ohm): has quadruple coils inside. You will have four heating coils in parallel with great airflow. These are stable heating coils and have excellent wicking capability. Producing denser clouds and purer flavour! These can be run between 80-130w but recommended 90-120w for the best experience.

Baby V2 K4 Coil (0.15ohm): are octuple coils, the most powerful coils for the TFV-Mini V2 (TFV8 Baby V2) atomiser. These have four separate holes, each housing dual-coils. Very sufficient and sustained wicking effects. These have a large airflow and the richest flavour! Whilst you can run these coils between 50-110w, for the best experience and longer life span, we recommend running the coils between 60-80w.

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