Smok RPM Coils 5 Pack

oHm: 0.4 OHM Mesh



SMOK RPM Coils is are sold multipacks of 5.

These are compatible with the SMOK RPM (The Real Pod Mod) Pod Kit.

RPM Mesh 0.4ohm coil: Run at 25W, fast heating process and brillaint flavour produced! This coil comes with the kit.

RPM Triple 0.6ohm coil: Run at 25W, fast ramp up time, excellent vapour and flavour produced.

RPM Quartz 1.2ohm coil: Best run at 12W, Purest flavour and fast heat up time!

RPM SC 1.0ohm coil: Best run at 14W, single 1.0ohm coil, intense flavour and dense vapour.

RPM DC 0.8ohm. coil: Best run at 16W dual coils fast heating 

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