ICY E-LIQUID - Raspy Raspberry 100ml


Raspy Raspberry by ICY E-Liquids is a tasty cold menthol which highlights the flavourful raspberry at all times! Raspy raspberry will leave a delicious flavour on your taste buds, absolutely irresistible!

This product is sold as a 100ml shortfill. This product is 'High VG' 70VG/30PG.

You will be supplied:

1 x 100ml Icy E-Liquid

2 x FREE 18mg flavour free nicotine shots

To achieve 120ml of 3mg liquid add both shots to the Icy bottle. To acheive 1.5mg of 110ml liquid add only one shot. If you wish to vape the liquid nicotine free please do not add the nicotine shots.

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