Freemax Fireluke Coils


The TX1/TX2/TNX2/TX3/TX4 Mesh Coils feature a patented 90% tea fiber cotton & 10% organic cotton formula, derived from 100% natural tea tree essence, combined with new and improved diamond pattern coil would give you smoother airflow vaping experience. Amplifier your flavours with these amazing coil designs!

New generation mesh material and structure has been specially designed for the Freemax Fireluke 2. Using laser, the mesh coil is cut precisely from customised Kanthal Mesh Plate. This honeycomb mesh design enables the mesh coil to heat instantly and evenly. Meanwhile, the mesh coil fits the wood pulp cotton closely and as the mesh coil is so flat and smooth, the heat will be instant and evenly conducted to the cotton. The result is instant and even e-liquid vaporisation!

FreeMax TX Mesh Coils are sold in multipacks of 5:

TX4 Mesh coil:

  • Kanthal Quad Coil
  • 0.15ohm
  • 40-80W (recommended 70W)

TX3 Mesh coil:

  • Kanthal Triple coil
  • 0.15ohm
  • 50-90W (recommended 80W)

TNX2 Mesh coil:

  • Kanthal Double coil
  • 0.5ohm
  • 20-50W (recommended 40W)

TX2 Mesh coil:

  • Kanthal Double coil
  • 0.2ohm
  • 40-80W (recommended 70W)

TX1 Mesh coil: 

  • Kanthal Single coil:
  • 0.15ohm
  • 40-90W (recommend 80W)

X4 Mesh coil:

      •  0.15ohm quad coil

      •  40-80w (recommend 70w)

X2 Mesh coil:

      •  0.2ohm double coil

      •. 40-80w (recommend 70w)

X1 Mesh coil:

      •  0.15ohm single coil

      •. 40-90w (recommend 80w)

NX2 Mesh coil:

      •. 0.5 ohm double coil 

      •. 20-50w (recommend 50w)

X3 Mesh Coil

      • 0.15ohm Mesh coil 

      • 50-90w (recommend 80w)


The new mesh material and structure used in the Freemax Fireluke 2 will instantly vaporise the e-liquid, and requires a higher leading speed to mesh coil`s contact surface. Thus the new 360 degree e-liquid leading holes are designed to speed up the leading and vaporising process.