Diamond Mist Ego Style Battery 650mAh 900mAh 1100mAh

Colour: PINK
Size: 650mah


Diamond Mist 650mAh E Battery is compact and small and ideal for travelling. For those starters that love the simple starter pen style vaping, this battery is suitable for the CE4 style atomisers.

Diamond Mist 900mAh & 1100mAh E Battery is compact yet lasts a good length of time, the small and thin design is perfect for travelling or subtle vaping. This battery is suitable for the CE4  style atomisers.

Compatible with Ego Thread Charger, sold separately.

We offer smaller batteries due to people demanding a simple, smaller size of there E-Cigarette, smaller batteries will make it more convenient to store the E-Cigarette away, it can also be easier to carry when you're going out.
All of our batteries are high quality products and will require you to press the button 5 times to activate it, this will then turn your E-Cigarette on and allow you to use your E-Cig correctly. Once you're done simply press it 5 times to de-active it and turn it off.

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