Smok RPM 40 Replacement Pods 3 Pack

Pack Type: RPM Standard Pod


Explore our range of Smok RPM 40 Replacement Pods 3 Pack

Explore our range off Smok RPM 40 Replacement Pods, These pods are made to work with the Smok RPM 40 pod kit only, these pods come in two different variants, compatible with either the RPM coils (red silicone plug) or NORD coils (black silicone plug), the RPM40 pods can cater to many different vaping styles.

The side filling silicone plug allows for fast and easy top-ups whilst out and about, plus the remaining-liquid level can be checked quickly by simply lifting up the pod thanks to the magnetic connection.

Pack contents:

  • x3 Smok Rpm 40 Replacement Pods 

Compatible with:

  • Smok Rpm 40 kit


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