JUJU Laughing Buddha - Tropical Fruit

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Laughing Buddha from JUJU is a marvellous blend of fresh fruits such as: pineapple, raspberry, strawberries, banana and other fruits. Blended together it creates the perfect tropical fruit vape.

The Buddha Of Wealth is believed to be lucky for bringing riches and flourishing to your home. The Buddha Of Abundance and Happiness is believed to enlighten the individual, bring true happiness to families and individuals. Usually you would keep the statue of a laughing buddha at home or a place you desire good luck. The laughing buddha needs his tummy rubbed, this will then bring such an uplifting mentality. The motion ought to inspire to your spirits, however, keep in mind to keep the statue clean, as this is believed to not help you in any way when not cared for properly.

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70/30 VG/PG

3 x 10ml

Made in the United Kingdom.

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