Just Nic It Nic Salt 10ML

by Just Nic It

Just Nic It Nic Salt is the new addition to the Just Nic It brand. Essentially Nic Salt can be used at higher strengths and be alot smoother to use. The TPD Compliant Just Nic It Nic Salt is available in either 50/50 or High VG strengths.

2 Ways to use:

- To use it you simply buy your favourite 0mg juice. 0mg juice is not being banned under the new laws as it contains no nicotine. You add 20ml of your 0mg juice to a larger bottle (unicorn bottle), then add your 10ml bottle of Just Nic It. This will add the exact amount of nicotine to your juice, and you can enjoy your favourite juice again like before.

As an example, if you buy 10ml, 9mg Just Nic It you add this to 20ml of your favourite juice (which is 0mg) and this will result in 30ml of juice at 3mg!

- Buy a compatible short-fill 0mg juice and just add the nic shot to it! A short fill is a bottle thats larger than the amount of juice in it. For example, a 50ml bottle of Heisenberg has 50ml of e-liquid however is a 65ml bottle.