JUJU Shooting Star - Pink Lemonade

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Shooting Star from JUJU E-Liquids is a perfectly suitable all day vape favourite! A marvellous blend between lemons, tangerine, raspberry and other flavourings to create the most perfect Pink Lemonade Vape! The sweet flavour is going to become one of your favourite essentials!

If you chance upon to see a shooting or falling star, immediately make a wish. They believe that if you do so, whatever you wish for will come true. Aside from that others assume that if you are sick, you will feel better; if you had a fight or disagreement with someone, you and the other party will make amends; if you lost something, you will find it; and more stories of turning your bad luck into a good one. Don’t forget that shooting or falling stars appear in a matter of split second only. So seeing one actually makes you lucky already!

Join The Charm Offensive.

70/30 VG/PG

3 x 10ml

Made In The United Kingdom.

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