JUJU Rabbits Foot - Lemon Tart


Rabbits Foot from JUJU is a thick custard-like meringue with a juicy fresh lemon and a subtle sugar to enhance the sweet sensation off the tip of your tongue.

The rabbit, being easy to spot and found pretty much everywhere, has a special place in much of the world’s folklore. In Japan and the Aztec Empire, people noticed that certain dark spots on the moon are shaped like a rabbit, causing members of those civilizations to begin associating the creature with the moon. In China, thanks to its prodigious aptitude for breeding, it’s associate with fertility. Throughout Africa (and now North America, thanks to the influence of the slave trade), the rabbit has a trickster status: wily, evasive and clever. A rabbits foot is considered as a token of good luck to remind its owner to be courageous in adverse situations. Today, it’s more about the symbolism of what the so-called lucky rabbit’s foot represents than all the lore surrounding its origins.

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70/30 VG/PG

3 x 10ml

Made In The United Kingdom.

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