JUJU Fourleaf Clover - Apple Sours


Fourleaf Clover from JUJU is a bitter but sour flavour. This flavour tastes of the first bite into a fresh juicy green apple but with hints of pears and sour extracts. The perfect yet unique Apple Sours vape.

The ancient Irish symbol of luck is a Four-Leaf Clover. The Celts believed that a four-leaf clover could help them see fairies and avoid their mischief, which was believed to be a common source of bad luck. The four leaves were supposed to have mystical powers representing faith, hope, love and luck. Another legend has them standing for fame, wealth, health and faithful love. The Fourleaf Clover will destine you for future good luck.

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70/30 VG/PG 

3 x 10ml

Made In The United Kingdom.

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