JUJU Lucky Seven - Kiwi & Strawberry Yoghurt


Lucky Seven from JUJU is a thick, creamy yogurt, kiwi and strawberry flavour. This fruity and milky dessert flavour creates the perfect Kiwi and Strawberry Yogurt vape.

From every perception the number "7" is found throughout history in religions, cultures and ancient civilizations. The number "7" is most often associated with the concept of luck as it is an occurring number throughout history. There is a much larger scale owed an explanation as to why the number repeats itself, for example: Seven Seas, Seven Continents, Seven Days in a week, Seven colours of the rainbow, Seven Notes on a Musical scale, Seven Wonders of the world, Seven Chakras within our body and the list could go on.

Join The Charm Offensive.

70/30 VG/PG

3 x 10ml

Made In The United Kingdom.

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