Element E-Liquid Dripper Series - Crema 120ml - INCLUDES FREE NIC SHOTS

by Element Dripper Series

The ultimate cream dessert vape.

Eclaires, bakery cake rolls, tiramisu - it's that sweet cream filling that makes treats deliciously. Treat yourself to that cool, delicate flavour in a vapour!  

Element Dripper Series Premium E-Liquids are specially formulated with a higher concentration of VG and less nicotine to produce the purest, densest clouds possible! These are ideal for use with mechanical mods and drippers.

100ml 0mg Crema Cream flavoured e-liquid

80/20 Series VG/PG High VG.

This 100ml e-liquid has 0mg nicotine content and is known as a shortfill. We will provide you free of charge enough nic shots (2 x 10ml 18mg) so that you can add them to the flavour which will then create 120ml of 3mg e-liquid for you to enjoy.