Dinner Lady Salts - Sweets - Lemon Sherbets 10ml

Nicotine Salt Strength
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Dinner Lady Lemon Sherbets are a vape rendition of the classic lemon boild sweet. Experience a citrus explosion of sour and tangy goodness!

Nic Salts are derived from the natural state of nicotine, also found in tobacco leaves. Able to provide a vaping experience much closer to a standard cigarette, without the added chemicals and toxins. Dinner Lady nic salts are flavoured, and available in 10mg & 20mg nicotine and sold in bottles of 10ml.

Many ex-smokers prefer nicotine salts due to the highly concentrated nicotine dose, along with great tastes.


Some benefits include;

Provide you an immediate nicotine rush

Perfect alternative for ex-smokers