Charlies Chalk Dust Big Berry

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Nicotine Strength

Charlie's Chalk Dust is a premium e-liquid brand. This vape juice has been renamed from Big Belly Jelly to Big Berry, those who love a berry flavoured vape liquid have landed in the right place! Big Berry is a perfectly ripe watermelon flavoured candy blended with subtle berries and a burst of blueberry jelly beans. This vape liquid flavour is a great example of how well melon and fruits, mix so marvellously with tasty jelly bean and candy sweets!

70/30 VG/PG High VG.

How Do Shortfill Vape E-Liquids Work

Short fill e-liquids are nicotine free liquids that are supplied in a bottle which leaves you enough space to add nic shots. By adding nic shots you are able to increase the nicotine content of your e-liquid to your required strength. Below you can see what nic shots you will need to add to get your required nicotine strength. Everything you require will be included in your delivery. All sales of shortfill vape e-liquids at Vape Town include free nicotine shots.

Whats Included:

  • 0mg - 1 x 50ml e-liquid
  • 3mg - 1 x 50ml e-liquid & 1 x 10ml 18mg nic shot
  • 6mg - 1 x 50ml e-liquid & 2 x 10ml 18mg nic shots & a 75ml empty e liquid bottle.

Mixing Requirements:

  • 0mg - No mixing is required please vape the liquid as it comes
  • 3mg - Add the whole 18mg nic shot to the 60ml bottle
  • 6mg - Add both 18mg nic shots along with the 50ml juice to the 75ml bottle.