Aspire Odan Tank


Aspire Odan Tank

Main Features:

  • very nice and elegant look
  • 810 honeycomb resin drip top
  • stylish design with diamond cut technology
  • high polish PVD coating
  • super easy top-fill
  • enormous vapour and flavour production
  • super-efficient wicking materials
  • 80% linen fiber + 20% organic cotton
  • excellent low e-liquid consumption
  • ingenious self sealing coil housing

The polished stainless steel brings Odan a strong metal texture and brightness as well as strong build quality.  The machined design of the hardware ensures long lasting use with smooth airflow adjustment.

To fill up e-liquid, lift/pull and then push the top cap to reveal the filling hole.

The Odan has a plug and play easy coil system that makes coil replacement super easy and simple. Aspire intergrated an e-liquid shutoff valve to prevent e-liquid getting into the coil chamber while you swap coils. This means you don't need to worry about e-liquid spilling out while changing coils.

Specifications: 56mm x 28mm

Package contains: (TPD Compliant-prefitted with 2ml straight glass)

1 x Odan Tank
2 x coils ( 0.2ohm mesh coil & 0.3ohm mesh coil preinstalled)
8 x o-rings
1 x user manual
1 x warranty card
1 x 7ml Glass

To purchase replacement coils for this tank please click this link HERE